Chiltern Region is one of the 13 Regions throughout the UK and Northern Ireland, that make up The Camping And Caravanning Club. Chiltern Region, is split in to 5 smaller D.A.’s (District Associations). These are: Aylesbury Vale DA, Beds DA, Bucks Herts And Middlesex DA, Herts And North London DA, Oxfordshire DA. There are also several active Sections operation in the Region. These are Club wide groups that usually have smaller sub groups in most Regions.

The Region is over 45 years old (founded in 1973) and is still going very strong.

Members are allocated DAs within their Region automatically when they join the Club. To find out which DA you belong to please check your card. Although every one is assigned a local DA when they join, there is no restriction as to who you can camp with in the Club. In fact if you are planning a holiday this year, look around to see if any local DA’s have holiday meets on in the area. Holiday meets are longer meets some times 4 weeks long and are a good base to go off and explore the best of Britain. Do be aware however you may need to book with the DA in question ahead of time.

The region its self holds several meets every year and are a combined effort of all the DA’s. For more information on these events (Look at the Menu Bar). Most of your meets will be held by your DA, for a list of DA and Section websites Click Here

To go to any of these meets however, you must be a member of the Camping And Caravanning Club. To become a member you can either Join Online or visit your Local Club Site.

Don’t forget your valid membership card and I am sure you will receive a warm welcome. Hope to see you on the field.We hope to see you out and about soon!

Julie Dyer

Chiltern Region Chairman